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You found my blog. Yay! The thing is: it´s my first time to start a food blog. A few years back I had this illusion that making a blog would be easy like eating a cookie. With chocolate. Mmm…chocolate…Khm! I´m back! Just pick a free WordPress theme, take a bunch of photos of your meals, scribble a new post on every sometimes, make an account to each Social Media platform out there and share the hell out of  your content. That`s it, that`s the formula. Oh boy was I wrong! No, I´m not saying you can´t make a blog this way, of course you can, but is it going to be a successful one? I doubt it…

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herring cottage chese salad /

Herring And Cottage Cheese Salad

Hey-hey! Although there´s yet no sign of spring here in Estonia (in fact, it´s snowing today), I was soooo craving for this herring and cottage cheese salad. Which is typically […]

crispy chicken nuggets /

Crispy Chicken Nuggets with Herbs

Today I´m gonna talk about crispy and tasteful chicken bites. Woohoo!   Why? Because, my little daughter`s dinner preferencies are extremely limited these days: creamy chicken pasta, boiled potatoes with […]

How Everything You Know About Starting A Food Blog Is A Lie (And The Solution)

  So, you acquainted with blogging some time ago and a brilliant idea popped into your mind: a food blog would definitely be a thing for me to become successful […]

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Sometimes things can seem as complicated as shaving a running rabbit and even the smallest start may turn into a hard-to-crack-nut. But you´re not alone. Tick your most problematic topics below and click Done to send it off. So I´ll know, what matters you are struggeling with. And I will try my best to offer the solutions for you here in Foodie´s Journal.

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